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The Marmalade

The Marmalade

A banda surgiu no começo dos anos 60 com o nome de Dean Ford & The Gaylords, mudando para The Marmalade por sugestão de seu empresário.
O som do The Marmalade era parecido com o do Rapsberries e traduziu um formato mais delicado para músicas dos Beatles, agradando a uma audiência um pouco mais madura e o quinteto de William Campbell, Patrick Farley e Dean Ford emplacou várias de suas canções no Top Ten norte-americano da década de 70, entre eles "Reflections of my life" e o cover do sucesso dos Beatles "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da".

The Marmalade - Reflections Of The Marmalade - The Anthology

CD 1

01. Twenty Miles
02. Mr.Heartbreak's Here Instead
03. The Name Game
04. He's A Good Face, But He's Down And Out
05. It's All Leading Up To Saturday Night
06. Wait A Minute Baby
07. Can't Stop Now
08. There Ain't No Use In Hanging On
09. I See The Rain
10. Laughing Man
11. Man In A Shop
12. Cry (The Shoob Dororie Song)
13. Lovin' Things
14. Wait For Me Mary-Anne
15. Mess Around
16. Hey Joe
17. Chains
18. Mr. Lion
19. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
20. Baby Make It Soon
21. Time Is On My Side
22. Butterfly
23. Reflections Of My Life
24. Rollin' My Thing

CD 2

01. Rainbow
02. The Ballad Of Cherry Flavor
03. Super Clean Jean
04. I'll Be Home
05. Some Other Guy
06. Kaleidoscope
07. Dear John
08. Fight Say The Mighty
09. My Little One
10. Is Your Lifeyour Own
11. Stay With Me Baby
12. Cousin Norman
13. Back On The Road
14. Sarah
15. Lady Of Catrina
16. Empty Bottle
17. She Wrote Me A Letter
18. Radancer
19. Just One Woman
20. Junior Campbell Hallelujjah Freedom
21. Sweet Illusion
22. Falling Apart At The Seems

The Marmalade - Best Of

01. Ob-LA-Di-Op-La Da
02. Reflections Of My Life
03. Rainbow
04. Radancer
05. Lovin´ Things
06. Cousin Norman
07. Baby Make It Soon
08. Falling Apart At The Seams
09. My Little One
10. Wait For Me Marianne
11. Back On The Road
12. Heavens Above
13. What Are You Gonna Do
14. Good Luck To You
15. The Best Of My Love
16. I Gave Up
17. I See The Rain
18. Listen To My Heart

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