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Maggie MacNeal / Mouth & MacNeal

Maggie MacNeal

Maggie Macneal(nome verdadeiro: Sjoukje Lucie), nascida em Tilburg, 5 de Maio de 1950 é uma cantora holandesa, que fez sucesso entre os anos 70 e anos 80, cantando em língua inglesa. Representou os Países Baixos no Festival Eurovisão da Canção 1980, interpretando a canção "Amesterdam" cantada em neerlandês e que terminou em quinto lugar. Seu maior hit foi When You're gone.

Maggie MacNeal - 1976 - Maggie MacNeal

01. Love Was In Your Eyes
02. The Letter
03. Dr. Brian
04. Life Is Going On
05. When You're Gone
06. Make The Man Love Me
07. Blackbird
08. From The Inside
09. I Always Gave You Everything
10. Nothing Else To Do (A-Side)
11. Terug Naar De Kust (Zing Je Moers Taal)

Maggie MacNeal - 1976 - When You're Gone

01. When You're Gone
02. Together
03. Dr. Brian
04. Love Was In Your Eyes
05. Why Your Lady Says Goodbye
06. You and I
07. The One and Only
08. Empty Place, Empty Space
09. Life Is Going On

Mouth & MacNeal - 1972 - How Do You Do

01. ABC
02. I almost lost my mind
03. I heard it trough the grapevine
04. Hey, you love
05. Remember (walking in the sand
06. Rosianna
07. Why did you, why
08. How do you do
09. Land of milk and honey
10. Tell me world
11. It happened long ago
12. Isolation

Mouth & MacNeal - The Singles

01. Hey, You Love
02. How Do You Do
03. Hello-A
04. You-Kou-La-Le-Loupi
05. Bat-Te-Ring-Ram
06. Minnie Minnie
07. Do You Wanna Do It
08. Ik Zie Een Ster
09. Ah l'Amore
10. Uncle (duet- Big Mouth & Little Eve)
11. What A Beautiful Day (duet- Big Mouth & Little Eve)
12. Nothing Else To Do (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
13. When You're Gone (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
14. Terug Naar De Kust (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
15. Life Is Going On (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
16. Love Was In Your Eyes (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
17. Fools Together (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
18. You And I (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
19. Amsterdam (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
20. Why Your Lady Says Goodbye (solo- Maggie MacNeal)
21. You Are My Hope (solo- Maggie MacNeal)

Mouth & MacNeal - 1999 - How Do You Do

01. How Do You Do
02. Hello-A
03. Hey, You Love
04. Minnie, Minnie
05. Woogie, Boogie
06. I Don't Wanna Be The Richest Man On The Cemetry
07. Bat-Te-Ring-Ram
08. Do You Wanna Do It
09. Wind And Rain
10. You You
11. Do You Wanna Love Me
12. I Wanted To Be
13. Ah, L'amore
14. You-Kou-La-Le-Loupi
15. Tell Me World
16. I See A Star

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I played the Maggie solo album all the way through and it sounds great! It is a very listenable album that doesn't have you reaching for the "next track" button.

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Thanks for the Maggie album! I had never heard it before. There are so many albums and so little money. lol
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I would like to see if its possible you sende me the download link. Thank you

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Would you please share the download link. Thanks